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Workshops for Care Homes

Didgeridoo for the elderly

Didgeridoo, percussion and pure enthusiasm: here's a chance for residents to experience an uplifting musical workshop - residents can either join in or just relax and just listen!  John tailors the workshop

The idea of didgeridoo with percussion  performance and workshop is to bring to the elderly something unique and special – to give them a chance to hear and join in with one  of the oldest musical instruments on the planet and a chance for a memorable experience!


John  has been performing across the UK for many years from bars to the London National Theatre.  He is a top class professional musician who facilitates workshops and performances  around the UK for all ages from toddlers right up to 100. 

This interactive didgeridoo workshop is a new and exciting way of stimulating residents through the use of an ancient musical instrument–the didgeridoo.   John also uses a drum and shakers to make the whole session more engaging and interesting.  It is both an entertaining and uplifting activity, helping to improve mood and presence in the residents, whilst encouraging some exercise and reduction of stress and anxiety.  It is beneficial for all, including support workers and staff.  John brings a few of his performance instruments plus a small amplifier and accessories. And he also provides the percussive shakers etc for those joining in.  

Didgeridoo in a care home?  How did it all begin!


In John's words:   "After many visits of  seeing my mother and other residents at Cedar Grange care home,  I wondered how the didgeridoo might go down in this environment?  I was aware of the therapeutic benefits that music had on people, particularly those whose mental faculties were deteriorating and perhaps suffering from dementia or the like.  I was also aware of how deep rhythmic music can connect with people regardless of such conditions.  So, with some hesitation,  I gave it a shot to see what the response there would be!  It seemed such an unusual instrument to take in and play at a care home!  However,  I was pleasantly surprised how much the residents at Cedar Grange enjoyed it, including the staff - it was very uplifting.  I would just like to give the older generation, be they impaired or not, an opportunity to hear the amazing sounds and rhythms that can be created from this wonderful ancient instrument called the didgeridoo.

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