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Didgeridoo player and percussionist, John Thorpe: His lively and colourful sound reflects his love of traditional Aboriginal music and western contemporary dance music. His music is primal, pulsating and trance like, with colourful complex didge grooves and foot stomping rhythms.  Ancient yet modern, his live didgeridoo shows are ambient and a form of pumping acoustic dance music with percussion. He simultaneously plays two stomps, cajon, didgeridoos other percussion and a mouth harp making his music original and entertaining.


John taught himself to play the didgeridoo in an old Cornish farmhouse around the year 2000.  His first live performance was in 2008 at the UK didge festival, no easy task for a shy man with no music training.  Yet since he  has gone on to play at many festivals and bars, including local the BBC radio station and some notable venues such as the London National Theatre and The Mansion - "lavish" dance event in london.

Blue Ocean, white sands and secret reverberant caves on the dramatic Cornish coastline, is the backdrop for John’s inspirational playing.    "John's music: You could categorise it as acoustic dance, contemporary world music or perhaps even coin a new phrase such as didgeridance - but it's rather hypnotic."         Gareth Bartlett, Journalist – Cornish Guardian

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