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Welcome to John's workshop pages. 

John  has been performing across the UK for many years from bars to the London National Theatre.  He is a top class professional musician who facilitates workshops and performances  around the UK for all ages from toddlers right up to 100. 


With 20 years of playing experience, he offers a wide  range of interactive didgeridoo workshops that can tailored to your needs.  They are designed to cater for beginners without any previous experience or  at advanced level for those wishing to develop their didgeridoo playing skills. 

John has been facilitating didge workshops around the UK for over 14 years  including schools, festivals, TV promotion events, care homes, healing centres and other venues. Age group from 5 to 100!  His relaxed and intuitive approach allows the potential of each individual to develop whilst learning, enjoying the session and having some fun!   The didgeridoo can be deep and powerful but also is a great way to feel in touch with your body and breathing and therefore there are some health benefits associated with playing didgeridoo too.

Please just click on a picture below to check out the right type of workshop for you:

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